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Instore pick-up

We do have the option for instore pick-up available for local or nearby customers. This is a free 'shipping service' and can be found in the checkout stage of your online shopping journey.

Once you have decided on a product (or two!) proceed through to the checkout and fill in your details, including shipping address (you will not be able to continue unless you fill out all areas). You will then have to select between a standard $10 shipping fee, or a FREE instore pickup service. 

If you have chosen the instore pick-up option, please collect your items from us at Hartwell Shoes, 147 High Street Maryborough Victoria, within 10 days of your purchase. If you are unable to pick up your item within the 10 day period, please contact us to make arrangements.  

If a purchased product has not been picked up within the 10 days and you have not contacted us, we will try all attempts to get into contact with you.

After 14 days, the order will be cancelled and the product will be returned to stock.